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No Longer an ‘Old-Fashioned’ Virgin

Netflicks…bit of a social killer, but I can’t help it. Plus, this summer’s weather is off to a slow start and so I found myself totally hooked on Heisenberg…er Breaking Bad. Beware, this show is totally addictive, “bitch!” I’m now … Continue reading

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The Blues Chaser

January can be a depressing month…but my creative friend, super talented painter, illustrator & chalkboard  artist, Victoria Heryet would have none of that! She decided to throw a “Lifting Spirits Party”, with a twist; requesting guests come dressed as a … Continue reading

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Festivus…for the rest of us. 12.23.11

It all started long, long ago in the land of Seinfeld… FESTIVUS…FOR THE REST OF US! FINALLY, a party in December about NOTHING…and you’re invited! Join us on Thursday, December 22nd for our 2nd Annual Festivus Partay! A warm invitation … Continue reading

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