Minglers Tribe

Unusual species of Vancouverites continues to invade local watering holes.

Be on the look out for this rapidly emerging tribe that has been spotted around town. Members, called Minglers, can be hard to recognize as they’re quite a diverse breed.

Minglers, are usually sighted in the latest chic watering holes within the downtown core. All reports indicate they can be quite friendly. Indeed, a stimulating social group; smiling, making eye contact, initiating conversation with strangers and sharing laughs.

This eclectic, moxy breed of Minglers continues to multiply and infiltrate the city as  businesses tempt to lure them in by opening their doors and offering special treats,  all in an effort to capture this fun, social and positive thinking group of Vancouverites.

At this rate, it’s quite possible, any current Vancouver population of naysayers, whiners, stick-in-the-muds, and generally unsociable may become completely extinct!

Vancouver Minglers ~ Striving to make Vancouver a world class city through, warmth, sociability, etiquette and attitude, one cocktail at a time.

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