How much does it cost to join? Absolutely nothing. Free even. You’re welcome to join our invite list for free and you simply pay at the door for entry to parties you wish to attend. The events vary, as does the admission fee (usually $10).

How do I find out about the events? E-mail invites are sent to mailing list subscribers outlining event details. You attend those that interest you, that fit within your schedule.

Is it a singles club? NO. Vancouver Minglers is a Business Social, it is not a singles club. Vancouver Minglers are single, married, gay or straight, from all industries. People come to make social and/or businesss connections.

What is a ‘Business Social’? It’s a get together for people to make business and/ or social contacts in a casual setting with no agenda.

How many people attend? Our current invite list is 1500+, of which we have turn outs ranging from 45 – 120 people.

Do I have to wear name tag? Absolutely not! We don’t have name tags, we don’t hand out name tags, we’re not big fans of name tags, and we figure, “hey you” will suffice in a pinch.

What is the criteria to join? Not so much.
But seriously, we do meet in licensed venues, so you would have to be of age. Vancouver Minglers tend to be fashionable, gregarious, interested and interesting individuals who have the moxy to strike conversation with strangers.

What are my obligations? You must look after and pay for your own food & drink tab, otherwise, not a lot of obligations, though we would ask that you smile, tip well and mingle a bit.

We are all adults, and we take responsibilty for ourselves, so this should go without saying… DON’T DRINK AND DRIVE! ENJOY LIFE, DRINK RESPONSIBLY! Limo, Taxi or a Driving Alternative can be arranged for you by speaking with a Vancouver Minglers host(ess).

Do I have to be a member? No. Can I bring a friend? Yes, please. The more the merrier.

How often are the events? Events are held monthly. More often than not we meet on Friday’s, though sometimes meetings are held on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s.

What’s the average age of the members? To Vancouver Minglers age is more an attitude than a number. We really don’t care what age you are. REALLY!

If you’re question is not answered here, please e-mail us at, rsvp@minglers.ca or phone: 604.569.3000


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