Minglers Fall Biz Social @ Vancouver FanClub

A funny thing happens when the Minglers get together at Vancouver FanClub…we stay!

Their wonderful new chef dazzled us with tasty bites and then the devilishly fun and fabulous Davina and The Vagabonds totally impressed with their dynamite show!

Thank you Stella, Joe & Britta for all your gracious hospitality - Vancouver FanClub is THE place to go for an entertaining evening of merriment and striking style.

Congratulations to our door prize winners, Harry who won tickets to Vancouver Minglers and to Andre who won the newest coveted umbrella; Safe-T-Brella. I love this umbrella, it looks like a light sabre and makes walking in the rain fun and safe. Plus it has a flashlight in the handle bottom so you can see puddles and dog poo and hopefully avoid both.  Peter brought a few to Minglers last night but quickly ran out (should of brought more Peter!).

Alexis took some photos (it’s amazing how many she’s in :~). Thanks for sharing these Alexis!

Make Autumn Awesome! Do it – Get it – Make it happen! Cheers, Ingrid


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