Gung Ho Fat Boy!

We got the ‘thumbs-up’ on our 2nd Annual Festivus Party @ Ensemble Tap.  It was a huge hit and a great turn-out of 75 happy, interesting and festive Minglers.
The infamous Tacoma Crew even made it up from the States,…they had some grievances to unload. Turns out our dollar is too strong & so is our beer :~).
Speaking of beer…amazing & excellent selection of craft & Belgium beers available @ Ensemble Tap. And their food…the best comfort food you can imagine!  Many Minglers were so impressed they took time-out to have dinner in the restaurant before returning back to the party upstairs.
Thank you to all of you who purchased turkey raffle tickets in aid of The Union Gospel Mission. O’Brien was the lucky turkey winner. And Moeshe won the door prize;  $100 gift certificate from Phresh Spa & Wellness Club.
It was a fun & busy night and we forgot to take photos. Ok…I forgot to take photos. Good thing the famous news reporter, Jim Goddard was on the scene and fortunately he took this fab picture on his iPhone. Thanks  Jimmy G.!

Very best wishes to all for a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year ! Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Or as I like to say Gung Ho Fat Boy!) Jan. 23rd marks The Year of The Dragon; 2012 ~ a colourful and mighty year filled with ambition, passion, enthusiasm and creativity. Cheers, Ingrid

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