Ingy’s Turkeytini

A couple years ago Christmas, I was hosting a rather large cocktail party. Too many people for a full sit-down Christmas dinner, but I still wanted to give people the taste of the festive season. ..and so it was born…The Turkeytini. Boom boom boom.

Even if I do say so myself, this could quite possibly be the perfect holiday mixer food; tasty and easy to eat while standing around mingling, it’s like Christmas Dinner in a glass.

You needn’t bother cooking a whole bird with all the fixings. Instead, cook a turkey breast and make some Stove-Top stuffing (if packaged food goes against your grain, use lightly smashed red potato) . Layer a martini glass with a foundation of stuffing (or potato) and then add bite size pieces of turkey, drizzle with gravy and top with really good cranberry sauce. Garnish with a healthy slice of orange (or cooked carrot slice, brussel sprout, skewer of pearl onions, etc.) and serve with mini bamboo fork. Voila!

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