Sweaty Palms

My girlfriend Lee concocted this simple, refreshing & delicious drink, her neighbour inadvertently named it.

As an avid Canucks fan you can imagine how apprehensive Lee was as she watched and cheered the boys in blue during the desperate games of the 2011 Vancouver vs. Chicago series. She’d yell at the TV, “shoot the puck!” screaming “ref you suck!” All anxious and nervous her palms got sweaty.

Next day she bumped into her neighbour, who isn’t much of a hockey fan, Lee announced “I had sweaty palms while watching that game last night!”  To which the neighbour replied, “Sweaty Palms? What’s in that?”

2 oz. Bombay Sapphire Gin
San Pellegrino Limonata (sparkling fruit beverage from Italy)
Fill a highball glass with plenty of large-cubed ice, Gin, top with Limonata and handsome wedge/squeeze of both lemon & lime.
And there you have it, a delicious easy drink, with a funny name. Cheers, Ing.

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